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  • featured image Microdrama/Smashlounge Tickets Onsale fullscreen
    Microdrama/Smashlounge tickets are available now. Reservations are extremely limited. Get yours now. It's Saturday. This Saturday. You can plan that far out. I know it feels like a big commitment, but you can do it.
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  • featured image Microdrama/SmashLounge March 23 7-11pm fullscreen
    The Satori Group presents Microdrama/Smash Lounge, a presentation of the Microdrama project, and an opportunity to drink some beers and listen to some music. The event will be one night only, March 23rd, at the Satori Lab at Inscape.
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  • featured image Microdramas: A Primer fullscreen
    What is a Microdrama? A 5 minute experience for a single audience member.  There are three of them.  Sometimes they are set up to be consumed individually.  Sometimes they are set up to be consumed as a whole.
    Is a Microdrama a play?  No.
    What are Microdramas about?  Unfortunately, there isn’t a satisfying way to answer this question.
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  • featured image A Microblog fullscreen
    We are a company of workaholics. We’re hyper-caffeinated machines during production, and neurotic wrecks when we’re not actively developing anything. We’re also not a particularly prolific company. When we do have a project in mind we spend months in workshop before committing to a production, and usually deliberate extensively about whether it’s the “right” one.
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