THE SATORI GROUP is an ensemble of theatre makers generating new work with an eye toward audience experience. Through an intensely collaborative process, we build detailed theatrical worlds that viscerally embody our questions about where the small, the domestic, the personal meet the large, the political, the collective. Our work approaches uncertainty as a positive, as the place where change happens. We look at the cracking of facades and the crumbling of structures with compassion and humor, so that we may sincerely attempt something new. Satori productions are designed to speak intimately to the individual with moments of collective resonance


SATORI WAS FOUNDED IN 2007 by a group of graduates from Williams College and UC’s College Conservatory of Music (CCM). The company has been based in Seattle since 2008. Satori consists of eleven core company members (including seven founding members) and a continually expanding group of associate artists. The Satori Group was nominated for a 2014 Stranger Genius Award in Performance.

Adam Standley is a local actor and carpenter. His work with Satori has centered around new forms, training, and creation of the LAB@Inscape. He has directed, performed in, or helped create nearly all of the Satori works. Points of pride: Making of a Monster (creator, director, actor), Tragedy: a tragedy (director), and reWilding (actor). Adam is a founding member of the Satori Group.

Alex Matthews is a proud founding member of the Satori Group. He has appeared in several of Satori’s shows including Artifacts of Consequence, Winky, Tragedy: a tragedy, and reWilding. He is currently working at Book-it and next will be at ACT performing Chekhov’s Three Sisters with The Seagull Project.

Caitlin Sullivan is a director, dramaturg, and teaching artist, specializing in the development of new work. Directing credits with Satori include: Tragedy: a tragedy, Winky, Fabulous Prizes, and reWilding. She is currently developing The Land is Always Known in collaboration with The Bengsons and Spike Friedman. Caitlin is a founding member of the Satori Group.

Clare Strasser is a designer and collaborative theatre artist. She is a founding member of the Satori Group. With them she has designed iLove:, Tragedy: a tragedy, Fabulous Prizes, reWilding, and has worked on many other projects. She has also designed with PE|Mo, Queer Teen Ensemble Theatre, Seattle Public Theater, Washington Ensemble Theatre, Book-It Repertory and the Know Theatre of Cincinnati.

Greta Wilson is a founding member of the Satori Group. She was most recently seen with Satori as Phoebe in The Land is Always Known, as Agnes in Satori’s reWilding, was featured on the album “Music for reWilding” by This Bitch Don’t Fall Off, and performed with New Century Theatre Company in The Trial. She has trained with Pig Iron, the Frank Theatre, and The Market Theatre in Johannesburg, and holds a BA in Theatre from Williams College.

Kate Sumpter is originally from Portland Oregon and moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington Schools of Drama and International Studies. She also studied LeCoq in France, the work of Tadeusz Kantor in Poland, and Meisner in Seattle with Robin Lynn-Smith. Kate has performed at Washington Ensemble Theater, Seattle Musical Theater, Seattle Children’s Theater, West of Lenin, Catapult Theater Company, Greenstage, and is a company member of the Satori Group. She co-wrote and performed in Ithaca I’ll Never See which ran at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and co-devised Frost Company’s Barbarians, TBA Collaborative’ s Grind Show, and Jeffrey Frace’s Harp Song For a Radical. Kate is a classically trained singer and plays sports- any sport- when she can.

Lauren Hester is a founding member of the Satori Group, where she has lovingly worked for years as a dramaturg, performer and stage manager. She is a new works enthusiast who has also collaborated with Kyle Loven and Hatlo, tick tock aerial dance company, Washington Ensemble Theatre, and QTET (Queer Teen Ensemble Theater). Most recently, she has partnered with The Platform, a playwriting program which facilitates the theatrical expression of homeless and at-risk youth in Seattle

Liza Curtiss first collaborated with Satori back in 2010 on an Elliot Smith fairytale, Kings Crossing. In 2011, she assistant directed Fabulous Prizes and from there has worked on numerous workshops, and has even taught with Satori at Williams College, her alma mater. Most recently she was seen in Satori’s reWiliding and The Land Is Always Known. Outside of the Satori Group, Liza was seen onstage in the Seattle Fringe Festival, and at the Brooklyn Lyceum in New York. There, she worked with Tugboat Collective on Moon & Marble, a play she both wrote and performed in.

LoraBeth Barr is happy to call Seattle her new home. After college in Cincinnati, LB moved to Los Angles where she got into a lot of trouble. She worked on staff at The Pasadena Playhouse, helped manage a new music ensemble called wildUp and was a co-Artistic Director of The Stokastk Theater Ensemble. In her free time LB rides bikes and drinks beer. She is stoked to be working with the Satori Group!

Quinn Franzen is a performer and theatre artist. He was last seen onstage in Satori’s Returning to Albert Joseph. Other Satori projects include The Land Is Always Known, Microdramas, reWilding, and Fabulous Prizes. As an actor, he has worked at Seattle Rep, On the Boards, Seattle Children’s Theatre, The Intiman, and Seattle Shakes. Quinn holds a BA in Theatre from Williams College.

Spike Friedman is a founding member of the Satori Group. He has functioned as a lead writer/collaborator on a number of Satori’s generative projects including Microdramas, The Land Is Always Known, Winky, and Linedry. Notable past performances with the Satori Group in Seattle include reWilding, Artifacts of Consequence, and TRAGEDY: a tragedy. Spike is also a contributing writer for the website Grantland where he’s usually writing jokes about sports.