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    • Microdramas: A Primer

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      November 18, 2012 in Microdramas

    What is a Microdrama? A 5 minute experience for a single audience member.  There are three of them.  Sometimes they are set up to be consumed individually.  Sometimes they are set up to be consumed as a whole.

    Is a Microdrama a play?  No.

    What are Microdramas about?  Unfortunately, there isn’t a satisfying way to answer this question.

    Can I go in with another person?  No.  They are experiences for a single audience member.

    But I came with a friend.  Your friend can go in after you.

    Is this safe?  Yes. That said, one of the three Microdramas has a physical element to it, and is not recommended for those with serious health concerns.

    I’m scared. Don’t be.  These are experiences designed with the audience member in mind.  There is genuinely no space for malice or cruelty in Microdramas.

    Why are they called Microdramas?  These are compact pieces in terms of space and time.  Also, the audience for each performance is non-aggregated.  If you are interested in more information about the Microdrama creation process please read co-creator Quinn Franzen’s Microblog.  Please note, these are not productions of Wolfgang Bauer’s unproducable plays anthologized under the same name.

    Where do Microdramas happen?  In a small room.  Or multiple rooms.  Or a restricted space within a larger room.

    When do Microdramas happen?  Upcoming opportunities to do Microdramas will be announced.

    Can I get a ticket?  The reservation system for Microdramas depends on its context.  There will be opportunities to sign up for it in the near future.