• Who We Are

    The Satori Group is an ensemble of theatremakers generating new work with an eye toward audience experience. Through an intensely collaborative process, we build detailed theatrical worlds that viscerally embody our questions about where the small, the domestic, the personal meet the large, the political, the collective. Our work approaches uncertainty as a positive, as the place where change happens. We look at the cracking of facades and the crumbling of structures with compassion and humor, so that we may sincerely attempt something new. Satori productions are designed to speak intimately to the individual with moments of collective resonance.

    Photo by Kelly O

    Satori was founded in 2007 by a group of graduates from Williams College and UC’s College Conservatory of Music (CCM). The company has been based in Seattle since 2008. Satori consists of eleven core company members (including seven founding members) and a continually expanding group of associate artists. The Satori Group was nominated for a 2014 Stranger Genius Award in Performance.


    Founding Members
    Adam Standley, Adrienne Clark, Alex Matthews, Andrew Lazarow, Anthony Darnell,
    Caitlin Sullivan, Clare Strasser, Greta Wilson, Lauren Hester, Lindsey Valitchka, and Spike Friedman


    Production History


    *Returning to Albert Joseph by Spike Friedman. Directed by Caitlin Sullivan and Alex Matthews.


    *PLAY a weekend of new works.
    Returning to Albert Joseph by Spike Friedman, directed by Alex Matthews
    The Ironbound by Martyna Majok, directed by Caitlin Sullivan
    A to Z by Mallery Avidon, directed by Adam Standley

    *The Land is Always Known by Spike Friedman in collaboration with the Bengsons. Directed by Caitlin Sullivan. Presented at the Northwest New Works Festival at On the Boards and Risk/Reward Festival at Artists Repertory Theater.

    *Microdramas Co-­Directed by Spike Friedman and Quinn Franzen.

    *reWilding by Martyna Majok in collaboration with the Satori Group. Directed by Caitlin Sullivan. (World Premiere).


    *Linedry generated by the ensemble, presented at the 2012 Lo­Fi Arts Festival in conjunction with the Williams College Summer Theatre Lab. (World Premiere).

    *Microdramas Co-­Directed by Spike Friedman and Quinn Franzen. (World Premiere).


    *Fabulous Prizes by Neil Ferron. Directed by Caitlin Sullivan. Nominated for The Gregory Award for Oustanding Playwright. (World Premiere).


    *The Making of a Monster by Jessica Hatlo at the Northwest New Works Festival at On the Boards. Directed by Adam Standley.  (World Premiere).

    *Winky by George Saunders. Adapted with the Satori Group by Spike Friedman. Directed by Caitlin Sullivan. Seattle Times Footlight Award for Avant-garde Afterglow.(World Premiere).

    *Special Presentation of UNDINE by Hand2Mouth Theatre and New Work in the Pacific Northwest panel discussion hosted by Brendan Kiley (The Stranger).


    *Artifacts of Consequence by Ashlin Halfnight. Directed by Andrew Lazarow. (Regional Premiere).

    *TRAGEDY: a tragedy by Will Eno. Directed by Adam Standley and Caitlin Sullivan. (Regional Premiere).


    *(rsvp) by Anthony Darnell. Directed by Andrew Lazarow. Premiered at the 2008 Cincinnati Fringe Festival and received Cincinnati CityBeat’s Critic’s Pick. (World Premiere).


    *The Investigation of the Murder in El Salvador by Charles L. Mee. Directed by Anthony Darnell and Caitlin Sullivan. (Regional Premiere).

    *Never Swim Alone by Daniel McIver. Directed by Andrew Lazarow. (Regional Premiere).

    *Hello Again by Michael John LaChuisa. Directed by Andrew Lazarow.

    *iLove: created by the Satori Group. Premiered at the 2007 Cincinnati Fringe Festival. iLove: earned the Cincinnati Fringe Festival’s Producer’s Pick of the Fringe and was nominated for the Cincinnati Entertainment Award (CEA) for Best Alternative Production. (World Premiere).